Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Secret Mission Has Been Accomplished

His Original Platinum Ring

The Duplicated One

Solid and thicker band creates the "Masculine" effect

Perfect Flush Setting with Cubic Zirconia
Mirror Finishing

This mission has to be done in highly confidential mode. YES! The mission is to make a duplicate wedding ring for a husband during their 13th Wedding Anniversary. The old ring was too tiny (i.e. ring size 4 times smaller) and the design has to be adjust to become more masculine to fit his finger.

I love surprises and will do my very best to meet this HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL MISSION. :D

Task No1:
To take a photo of the husband existing wedding ring which is 4 size smaller and show it to me for quote - Mission Accomplished!

Task No 2:
To finds all sorts of excuses just to get rid of the loving husband so to drop by to my home studio. (They always go everywhere in pair.) Plus, not to leave any suspicious clues during the "GET RID OF HIM" action. Plus, too many overseas friends to be entertained - Task No 2 Failed for the 1st time!

Task No 3:
Recall task No 2 , (Yeah! Secret Agent always got the tough mentality to use whatever tactic to complete their mission.) The loving husband was overseas and she was glad for the good timing - Mission Accomplished!

Task No 4:
Husband will be back a week later to celebrate her birthday. On the same day,she plans to pass the ring to him as a belated birthday present for him as well as the wedding anniversary gift. The ring was completed two days before the dateline, the great part is - she loved the results. - Mission Accomplished!

The Final Episode!

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