Monday, October 24, 2011

Meeting An Old Friend - A Gift With Heart

her basic concept design
the final approved art work

smooth couture of Chinese calligraphy - "heart"

sapphire blue cz with bezel setting

the sand blast like texture shine elegantly under the sun

 A two years back project worked with a very soft spoken pretty lady. She has this beautiful idea in mind, wanted to make the very unique wedding gift for her sister. I presented 4 for similar designs and ended with the most simple one - her very origin idea. We took about half-a-year to complete this assignment. The most challenging but interesting part was the ring finishing. CAD has it limit and the art work did not present whole of her idea of the finishing. So Chin, the pretty lady and me crowded in front of the jewelry bench to discuss about the finishing. We carefully stamp each holes, big and small, near and far, deep and shallow. The results did not show until a few trial attempts. The moment we manage to capture her image in mind, we rush out for the sun set. Cause wanted to see hows the ring shine under the natural light. And the shines like thousands of tiny little diamonds scattered around the "heart". The results was marvellous.
After two years, she brought back for retouching. I just can't stop admiring this master piece, the beautiful curvature of the "心", the diamond bling-bling effect and the antic-rustic finishing. Just like meeting an old friend (^,^)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crazy Project - 700 Pieces of Brass Pendent Delivered In 10 Days!

the 1st art work presentation

the final product

Material: Based brass with silver plating
Necklace: 90cm length Stainless Steel 

 This mission impossible was completed in the month of early Sept, which is less then 3 weeks from design confirmation to final product. No doubt 3 weeks delivery is always our practise, but this time we are talking about 700 pieces of big and small pendants with necklace. In fact, from mold to casting then to the actual polishing was less then 10 days due to casting failure. Another challenge was the job has to be done with less then 2 and a half full time workers. All I can do was the CAD designing and the mold part, then the rest has to pass to Chin. He worked like zombie for 2 and a half week. The toughest part of the whole project was the 4 x 4 cm pendant finishing.The fishing task was 3 times of 2 x 2 cm one. If time was long enough, we will be able to produce a better results. Sign! So we decided to be firm next time, to make sure more time spear for the manufacturing process. One and a half month time, AT LEAST!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Touch By Passions

"Protections Shield"- a sensuous hammer texture pendant design by Caroline for her mother
"Ying Yang" -  masterpiece design by Caroline for her Tai Chi Master

Peach Pendant

classical design birthday gift by Irawati for her grandpa
Amoeba ring design by Irawati (set with CZ) 

Irawati very first piece of "Silhouette Butterfly" charm - finely crafted

"Moon Walking" - Fabiana very fist design 

 Those beautiful works are done by three of MC Square Studio students. All come with passion to gain knowledge for jewelry making. 

 Caroline - a physicist cum dancer who took 2 hours each forth and back trip just to attend the classes. ["Thanks" to KL traffics!!! :P] Jewelry making was her childhood dream and she manages to fulfil it at the age of early 30s. Since this is a right timing and opportunity,  nothing can stop her from making her dream come true.  During the whole learning process, she has to let go some techniques like soldering, due to her back injury. Chin and I were touch by her hard working attitude, she did a lots of practise on brass sawing before settling on silver plate. And the end results are stunning. (as per pictures) She dreams of these beautiful pieces. And managed to capture into her sketch book the middle of the many nights . And she truly believe that this pendants will help to protect her loved ones in a way, I think the same too. Cause those pendants were created out from her "sincere heart", and that can be feel from the people who received it.

 Irrawati - a charming young lady travel all the way from Indonesia just to learnt about jewelry making. She spent 8 days with us to learn about basic CAD (3 hours morning class) and silver smiting (3 hours afternoon class) - Intensively! She is a smart and fast learner. Chin named her - the most talented metal smiting students.  I still can remember that moment when she first did her sawing. I thought Chin was doing the sawing cause when listen to the sawing rhythm, it was continuously without pause and full of confident. No breaking of single saw plate.  And her first masterpiece - Silhouette Butterfly charms was splendid. She always complaints "This is hard" but in the end she still mange to did it well - I meant very well! The most gifted attitude she has is being a good listener. She listens, asked questions if got doubts and digest then executes well. I think these are the most important character of being a fast learner - passionate, hard working, humbler and a good listener.

 Fabiana - a housewife who taking care of 4 kids, 1 dog and two cats(?). I like to describe her as supermom. Besides, of being a driver, chef, house keeper and etc., her energy in jewelry making and designing never fade but double.  Her great passion of making her own jewelry designs is always there and her design ideas seems fall from the sky. She has all the character of being a professional jewelry designer. 

 Passions is a positive energy that can be feel by people around you. It is like a smile or laughter that make others happy too. To be passionate is the great instinct to do things right with all our might and heart. 

mobile: +6016 2668 066 (Jane) & +6012 2446 286 (Chin)
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