Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Palladium Silver Initial Ring

His Sketch
His paper cutting prototype

This is a gift from his parent - as a graduation souvenir which he designs for himself.  The artwork was done nicely and tidily. Our conversation started a few months ago, I think that should be sometime during CNY. Then he came back to me when the article from SUN newspaper reminded him. In the month of June, he visited my home studio with all the informations of the ring design and I like his paper cutout prototype - SO CUTE!

The ring manage to be completed within two weeks and to be deliver the night before he fly back to Australia.   I have always make full advantage of the morning sun light to take the best jewelry photos. This is  best time when everything reflect it original color. However there is alway exceptional case when shooting has to be done under white light, and the results is shown as above.....:(


  1. may i know the price range for your customise jewelry? with name one.

  2. price range from as low as RM150 to RM2000


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