Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recent Project

I have tried to make full use of Roland MDX-15 CNC machine to produce pendant or any flat(2 and a half) surface jewelry. My experiment on ring the outcome was good with simple name engraving ring but when it come to continuous pattern we have problem on how to combine the gap. It does take some effort to solve the problem. However, I find when applying enamel on ring was an excellent experience especially when you can play with colors and ideas just attach from everywhere. I mean quality and with great variety color of glass fuse on metal. The touching sensation of the glass surface is totally different from the plastic coloring rings that sell in Malaysia market. There are some technical problem we need to solve before the design can be commercialize such as surface tension cause cracking, over fire that fade/change the color etc. Anyhow, failure is just an another experiment gained....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

925 Blackening Silver Couple Rings

For about two years doing research on Computer Aided Design Software (CAD), I am glad to make use of such "high tech" tools e.g. JewelCad software and Roland MDX-15 to starts my customized jewelry workshop. I starts to market my works on internet since October 2008 and manage to serve some local customers.
This unique design 925 blackening silver band rings takes two meeting to complete. In the first meeting the couple provide a photo of basic idea design then we discuss a bit on the rings surface texture. In the second meeting, my husband-Chin actually sit and hammer the rings according to their instruction. The process was interesting especially when customer give positive respond on the outcome.

18K Yellow Gold Tous Inspired Engagement Rings

This is another project custom made to a cheerful couple from Sabah and Sarawak. They have spend time to go around malls and jewelry outlet to look for their "very precious" but with zero results. At last, they manage to contact me via web. We meet at my home office, and the discussion was an easy one because they have bought some rings as sample. We manage to deliver within two weeks time just few days before they they fly back to East Malaysia. They also brought same design rings with different material i.e. pure silver. The silver rings was delivered to them the night before their flight. That was such pleasant experience as we have meet another new friends.
mobile: +6016 2668 066 (Jane) & +6012 2446 286 (Chin)
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