Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something Out from a Mood - Hammered Ring

That day I was in the factory working on rubber molds. Works done but stuck in the rain. Saw some scrap metal and got this feeling of hammering it. So go find a hammer and start hammering. When doing things with the right mood, it was very fun. By the way the scrap band fit perfectly on my finger. After that, do some filing to smoothed the edge and final part is the polishing. Wa la! My first handmade texture ring is done...:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two Tone Wedding Rings

A sweet lady (Indeed, she has very sweet voice) from Australia ordered this. I usually take 30% as down payment but she pay in full. It is quite touching to be trusted by a stranger from far away.
Initially she want the ring to be 18K white and yellow gold that sets in diamonds. I always think that not worth buying a stone with such high price. They will always like to physio consumers about the wonders of diamonds. Even giving pressure to husbands to put so much of money on stones. In fact lots of scarcities of resources is being create by purpose. Why? Moneylah!
The fact is diamond not worth a shit if the carat is not there. To scale up to value of the diamond is the certifications. With the paper you got a bit of bargaining power- Hopefully!
From our point of view, we prefer cubic zircon (CZ- in short) a synthetic stones that make from crystal.
This link got a clear comparison between diamonds and CZ:
I suggested 18K yellow gold with palladium silver as the materials. (We are yet to start white gold production line.)
The man ring was superb in workmanship at the first place but the color contrast of 18K yellow gold and palladium silver was not there. So I insist to bring the ring for acid treated so to enhance the yellow color. Disaster happened when the acid "eats" away the palladium solder that created lines in between which the result is not preferable. The worst thing is the sweet lady and her husband have to fly to Australia in the next day.
To fix this problem is- we are offering to redo the ring with free workmanship charge and change the material from palladium silver to 18K White gold. So the story is to be continue....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Suasa" & Palladium Silver Puzzle Rings

Did I say I love my job? If yes, then I would like to repeat that again. Especially when delivering to the client and observing their facial expression, what a reward!
This puzzle ring got no other choice besides handmade and the time was short (As usual...).
Did I say I admire my husband-Chin, especially his working attitude. I have got 100% confident on him when some challenging project need with deadline. He worked with tears and sweat for three days to complete.This is his first time on handling "Suasa" (he pronounce it as susah) - 14K Yellow Gold.
This is a young Malay lady's wedding gift to her future husband. She planed to split the gift into two. The 1st ring will be given out during the engagement ceremony and the 2nd one will be on the wedding day. The original design of the ring cost about USD 4250 but she got a custom made one with the special "F" font attached that cost only RM1800.
The photo was taken in the night,(the night before the engagement ceremony ) and the colors of "suasa" appears to be darker. The actual color looks perfect similar to 18K yellow gold.
This is another miles stone in jewelry making for both of us namely : new material testing and new design making i.e. puzzle ring.
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