Monday, August 9, 2010

18K Yellow Gold Name Embossed Engagement Rings

The hidden message...

Inspired by The Princess Ring

His name on her ring...

Her ring on his ring....

Flush setting cubic zirconia....

His is a software engineer with tonnes of works in que. And she is a student studying overseas.  On that was 19th July 10 evening, Chin only have 15 minutes to confirm their ring sizes and to get down payment confirmation from them. I have got less then three weeks to deliver and thats means "Sleepless night"? Not anymore! 

This production line for this design concept has fine tuned and ready to be commercialized. Yeah! Ultimately all R & Ds need to get some returns.

Client is fast confirm on the artwork presentation but the material make him undecidable. His parents says 916 gold got better value and Jane said 18K gold got better quality of workmanship. Finally, he decides to have a durable engagement ring which they will carry it for 4 years before the marriage.

Delivery was on 7th August 2010 and feel glad when he was satisfy. 


  1. looks like my original Princess Ring design become such a hit har?........:p

  2. rite :> you have got the 1st and only "Princess". So does she like it?

  3. she loves it...& kinda happy other it inspired other rings as well....

    after 8 months +, i see u still use the princess ring as your blog banner....hahaha

  4. the banner did attract Wern Jun - The SUN newspaper reporter. She purposely mentioned the pic before she left. Thats why I still remain it kakaka....

  5. it's good to know the little mysterious ring has brought so much idea & publicity to your business.....

    u'll hav something new to blog soon....hehe

  6. thats right! mysterious couple :P

    1. I like ur design on ur ring.i really attract tat ring.i m also wanna like tat

    2. I like ur design on ur ring.i really attract tat ring.i m also wanna like tat

  7. I wanna ring like tiz also for my engagement.if i order can i get ring like tiz


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  10. What's the name of font style used here?


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