Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Message On Metal - A Memorable Jewelry As A Perfect Keepsake For Your Loved One

Font Type: Bold Comfortaa

Font Type: Verdana

 This twp projects are done almost the same time. And their purpose are the same - to make their though on precious metal that can be a good keepsake. I will say this is a timeless gift for their loved one.

The Silhouette Rings with Comfortaa font is ordered by a couple who stay away from each other since their  graduation.They make a wise choice on the font which is more comfortable to wear. (Rounded corners) 
Distant relationship is always a tough challenge to be maintain. They have make it so far, 7 years (hope my memory is still good)  is never a short period. This rings keep their important message of : "You Are My Lucky Star". This should explain why they are still loving couple.

The second design is a working mom's dream design. She really got the design in her mind and now she wants it to be materialized. At the beginning, the whole family name should be on the ring. But the maximum letter is 17 and her two sons name be the final decision. I always like to look on Silhouette ring, cause it gives different views from different angle. That make the ring real unique. I am happy with the result as the Cool Mom does. :)

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amber Rescue - Milky Yellow Amber Dangling Earring

the "Lego"

beautiful amber enhanced by piercing design claps

material: palladium silver

the claps covered the broken parts of the amber

earrings on it owner

This project is for my aunt. When she past the amber, it has quite big broken holes. That was less then a week before she fly back. The amber were originally from her necklace and it was broken at the joining claps. She prefer them to be seen then keeping in the jewelry box. The color of the amber is very vivid and with the fantastic mixing texture of milky yellow and transparent white. Chin tools three days (on & off) to make it. Everything is handmade. 
I were quite worry on the length of the earrings but not until she wore it.  The moment she put on the earrings then I realized the instant different. Her face shined. And ELEGANT pops out.
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