Testimonial From Customers:

"Two years ago (2009) I decided to custom-make a ring for my sister who was getting married.Then I found Jane and Chin- the owner of Materialise Creativity. My design draft was very rough and I have no clue how to detail my idea. But Chin and Jane were professional. We had many sessions of discussion. Eventually...(after 6 months of discusssions and making)...I saw the ring that is exactly the same in my mind!
From my experience working with Jane and Chin, I have to say, all you need is to have a chat with them ( even though you might be clueless how to tell your idea) and they will do the rest. "
- Chloe Liew, 24, kl

"Chance upon jane's blog when i wanted a custom ring for my best friend.
Jane was very professional, paired up my ideas really well and i am happy with the end product,(so does my best friend). We settled for a necklace after 2 months of exchanging emails.
Go to jane for custom made as you can see she love what's she doing and will give you her best! Tell her what you want and she will transform it to something lovable.."
- Bai Huang , 24, Singapore

"Last year 2010,i looking for something unique and meaningful gift,actually i ask around the gold smith and gold shop with my expectation and thought,but too bad is they cannot provided this kind of service,and some more is out of my budget due to the limited material they can provided.
Lucky i am,i start typing handmade jewellery in google,and then i found Jane.
That time when i found Jane,my case is a bit rush,cos i need this special gift for the date.After searching some sample picture and have dicussion with Jane by email,i confirm with Jane draft within few days.Of course,Jane promise can meet my deadline,and she really make her word.
Till now,i still can remember the shout when she looking this unique turtle bracelet.hehe,really feel great that time~~~Thx a lot,Jane.
So,thinking special,unique and the only one in world,find Jane,she will make it happening~~"
- keeboon, 28, Johor/Malaysia

"I had a ring design in mind for sometime and I want it materialized. Got to know Chin and Jane's services and was amazed with their passion and commitment in jewelery making. They shared many professional advise and ideas to make my dream ring come true.
My ring was delivered just as promised and I am now proud to be wearing a unique, one and only, special ring. Anyone who wishes for personalized and unique jeweleries should start this journey, just like me."
- Carol, 32 from Kuala Lumpur

Last time when I browse the internet looking for my special wedding ring, I want it look so special and of course something that unavailable at my country. When I start to looking at CELTIC design ring, I've said that I want this type of ring. But when I saw at it's design, I wonder if there anybody in Malaysia can do this design for me ? If Yes, maybe the price is so expensive since the ring have a very complex design, very small and details. Since i'm muslim, I only can use silver. Not gold. So I start loooking for online goldsmith and I found this company (Materialise Creativity ) and I talk to Jane about my requirement. Our discussion didn't take so long. I've submitted my design and Jane make the design draft. After a few review, YES. I agreed with the material that will be use and of course, the PRICE. Price is good. Unbelievable.
1st Part : The workmanship is below my expectation and i've told it to Jane. Yes. I understand Celctic Knot is not from our culture and of course their workmanship is different from us and they (Celtic people) already pioneered their workmanship in a few hundred years. Of course there will be trial and error. But the important thing is, CAN IT BE BETTER than the 1st time ? Jane say....Yes. Of course. I will polish and redo some part. It will not take a long time when Jane send me the latest pictures. And i'm stunned..............Wowwwwwwwwww.........It's soooooooooooooooo nice. Hahahahahaha. After that, payment completed and Jane ship out this ring to me. And until now, I keep it inside my wife jewellery box and I really like it very much. We will keep it forever and pass it to our son and daughter later.
Sorry Jane. I write too long. But that's my truly expression to your ring made and design. I hope your business will grow and prosper. Very good. 98/100. 5 Star's. I'm really happy with my items. My wife also like it very much and that's is our truly expression. Thanks Jane! Anybody that like a unique design and custom made jewellery for a very special occasion. Believe me. Here you can make a very unique design with lower price. Yes. She maybe made the ring's cheap but the quality is met the standard and above your expectation. Try it for yourself.
- Draco, 29, Sabah

fter our engagement, we shopped around to look for our desire wedding ring.  There are always a lot of nice designs but none of them are personalize ring. Finally, we decided to custom made it to transform my design to a real ring. Until now, we have no regret.  Sure you will fall in love when you see the end product.
Lee Pei Yee, 29, Ipoh/Malaysia

We love our rings dearly. The person who made these beautiful pieces is Jane Leo and her hubby Chin. They are the best custom made jewellers I could find in Malaysia. Truly nice people with hearts of gold. If any of you would like to custom make a jewellry, these are the couple I highly recommend you to seek.
Glenn, Penang/Malaysia

When I was assigned to do this task for Our company's 2nd Annual Convention, first thing that came into my mind is to search through net, get the telephone numbers and call whether the pins can be delivered within time given and of course within our budget. The are a few well known commercialized  jeweleries being called. Some are too expensive, some don't have the material and some cannot meet the dateline. I've come to Materialise Creativity when I searched for custom made jewelery, and look through the jeweleries done by Jane and Chin. They are fabulous. And the most important thing, both of them enjoy and love what they are doing. It's shows in each jewelery done by them. CNY is over, that's ,mean we have about two weeks time....we are running out of time. Apart from searching for the best jewelers, we also have problem deciding on what material to use, since one of the award winner is a Muslim guy. Therefore, we made a final decision and I finally call Jane, hoping that she will take our order. Or else, I'll be dead, the pins is one of the top award winner of the night. Screwed the pins,mean screwed the night. Luckily, she take our order. Yes indeed, the process of confirming the design take a bit of time, since these are one of 'The Awards', then need to get the management to get involve as well, and when a few people get involve, the process a bit longer lah. hahaha............
Everyone cannot wait to see the end product. Especially me and the management....eager and nervous....but I know Jane and Chin will do the best they can. And my heart tells me, that it will be nice. The delivery date came, we had a chance to meet the goldsmith (Chin) face to face, first time ever happened to me and I believe to my superior as well. The pins are fabulous! 100% just like what has been designed and discussed with Jane (via phone). The management smile and satisfied, and the most important thing, the one who come out with the raw design of these pins (he's ain't a designer, but one of the mangement team) couldn't believe that his design can be materialised and nicely done like this.
If I know MC much earlier, I would have done my wedding ring with them,seriously.....If you are looking for something different, personalized and customized (jewelery, of course) look for Jane and Chin. Fabulous, nice, on time and within budget. They are one of its kind in Malaysia. You guys are outstanding, keep up the good work and hope you will have a glorious business in the near future. 
Norasyikin, 30, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

My name is Fabiana and I am a 42-year-old woman who has the dream to spend my free (and not so free) time creating art.  I decided to take on a jewelry course because I want to express my creativity in giving shape to precious things. 
I looked around and I even considered a full university course, however I couldn’t find anything that could fit my needs. I then came across “materialize creativity” website and I chose this particular course because I thought it was comprehensive and totally hands on. I was looking for a course that would give me the basic silversmithing knowledge allowing me to create something in a relatively short time to give me a sense of accomplishment. I found all I was looking for, here with Chin and Jane. In my personal opinion, after having gone through the course, I feel this course would suit many different people and needs. In fact, it is done in such a way that those who intend to have fun and create something, will have the satisfaction to do so and those who intended to know what it is all about in order to go further in the learning of the skills, like me, can do so too. Chin and Jane are two lovely professionals who put their enthusiasm and their smile in every moment of the course. The course has been a great experience that’s why I don’t want it to end. 
Thank you Jane and Chin!
- Fabiana, 42, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

The bellyring Chin and Jane made for my wife is exquisite. I will not be home until July to see it in person, but I have seen it on webcam. It truly looks like it was manufactured right alongside the rest of the set by the same goldsmith. I cannot thank them enough for it, and I cannot commend Chin's skill enough either. He have shown what an artist he is. We will be getting a series of portraits of my wife wearing that jewelry set with her bellybutton-keyhole evening gown. When we post those portraits on facebook, we will be giving them full credit for that bellyring. I strongly advise them to put the pictures they have sent us of the bellyring on their site as well, as it is a more involved job of goldsmithing than what they frequently do, and it will show off their talent to any potential customers. I further suggest them to post the pics of the necklace and earrings I sent them right alongside those bellyring pics as well so they can tell the world "See? Look at the limited information this couple provided me, and look at what I made for them just with that! Imagine what I can make for you!"
We are very pleased with their work, and if ever I think up another gold item I'd like custom manufactured for my wife, they can rest assured they are who I will consider, and they are who we will recommend to all of our friends. Include that I was very impressed with the extraordinary lengths they two went to to find the materials necessary to complete this job to make their customer happy, and please make sure to include how we felt the bellyring was such a match to the original set that if we hadn't comissioned them for this, we would not know two different artists had been involved in all 4 pieces. I just hope whatever I've said can somehow increase the business them do. Very glad to see a husband/wife couple working together.
- Ken, Tx/United State

It was a coincidental stumble upon Materialise Creativity when we were trying to search online where we can actually have a customized pair of rings made.
The first impression that the website gave us was simplicity and clarity of the details and information provided. Responses on initial enquiries and questions were attended to quickly and efficiently as well. The Materialise Creativity team allowed so much of creativity and was always open to our ideas, with very useful suggestions provided at the same time. The whole process from pre-order to making the order, confirmation and collection of the order was a smooth one. You were very friendly, approachable and most importantly, you show so much passion in what you do, which was admirable. Thank you for the positive experience that we had with you and we really love what we had :) Keep up the good job!
- Joanne, KL/Malaysia 

email: materialisecreativity@gmail.com
mobile: +6016 2668 066 (Jane) & +6012 2446 286 (Chin)
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