Thursday, August 29, 2013

Triplets Reunion - the moment snatcher can't steal the Spirit!

Material: 18k rose and yellow gold, platinum
Stone: 3.25 mm(0.145 carats) diamonds

paired wedding rings

Material: Palladium Silver
Stone: Cubic Zirconia

"Hi Jane!
I just wanted to write to thank both you and Chin again. Wedding rings are probably the worst things to lose and what you did is just amazing. It really feels as if I never lost them. In fact, I kind of feel like a new bride again coz all my friends are admiring my rings! Even my kids were impressed. (My eldest son imagined me having caught the bad guys in my great-grandma's style and thus got my rings back, hahaha!)
My husband's first comment on seeing his ring was, "Wow, that's big!". Anyway, he is very pleased both with his and my rings. He didn't notice any engravings (his eyesight is getting bad in "old age") and I had to point it out too. Aiya, he is just not romantic in that way! But he thinks all the rings are perhaps better than the originals, not counting the sentimental value of the old ones, of course. 
Even our aunt (the one I told you) commented on my rings and the workmanship and thought these were better -- the bigger size of the diamonds was not lost on her! (Trust old aunts to notice! Well, she did buy quite a bit of jewellery in her time.)"
...This is a touching testimonial from an old customer. 

4 weeks before, she was the victims of snatchers. Lost 2 (a triplet ring designs which comes in platinum, 18K rose and yellow gold) from 3 of her wedding rings. She valued the rings so much that had cried for the whole day (that was how she described (T,T)) just tried to accept the fact that those precious were gone.
The HIS wedding ring got the same destiny - was stolen in a year before!
The loving but not so romantic husband (still this is her description :)), came visit to make another pair of rings for her. Just to minimized her pain.
She is blessed to have a loving-&-patient-but-not-so-romantic husband. Not to mention, she was not hurt during the incident.

A person who surrenders when he is WRONG, is HONEST. A person who SURRENDERS when not SURE, is WISE. A person who surrenders even if he is RIGHT, is a HUSBAND.
- Azgraybebly Josland 

P.s. Beware of some security guards who works as part-time spy to their fellow snatcher friend. : (

mobile: +6016 2668 066 (Jane) & +6012 2446 286 (Chin)
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