Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcome to Jewelries Land - Project of Mr & Mrs Smiths

Can't stop relating to this movie :D
Proposal Ring: hand saw petal patterns to maximize the blink of rock

Solid Bowl Cuff-links: Mrs Smith secret gift -  during "Guo Tai Lai" (过大礼 -  Presenting of betrothal gifts)

For the whole 3 months, these cutie couple came to visit in different timing. After Mr Smith accomplish his successful top secret proposal mission.
There came Mrs Smith like an secret agent with her sketch and brain with full ideas of jewelries projects for her wedding day - earrings, necklace, cuff links, bangle (for HIM) and bracelets (for HER). The most important thing is not to let Mr Smith know. Her secret mission was nearly expose - right, thanks to GPS! Anyway she manage to convince Mr Smith with all sorts of excuses. Got these thought - wont be surprise if SHE change her job to become a secret agent. This is not about talent anymore, but the firing PASSION to complete this task :)
This is something I like about her character - instead of just keep taking, she wants to return something unique to her future husband. The designs concept that branch from HIS proposal ring that matched their wedding theme - Solid Rice Bowl -  a life long commitment that based on God's love.
HER Necklace design branch from HIS Soild Bowl Proposal Ring Design - So memorable one! 
Solid Bowl Earrings Design
Material: Sterling Silver With White Gold Plating
Stone:  3 - 4 mm White Cubic Zirconia
We were quite unsure of the necklace if the stones will stay balance until the final piece is worn by HER during the BIG day... the rocks ROCK!
Solid Bowl Earrings & Necklace Design
Material: Sterling Silver With White Gold Plating
Stone:  3 - 4 mm White Cubic Zirconia
Both Solid Bowl Design Concept:
Hammered Texture Bangle for HIS & Three Chain Bracelet for HER
Perfect Matching Bangle and Bracelet
Their combined project - Wedding Bands
Love Is Always Positive - says the designer cum bride
Material: 18K White Gold
Inlay: Black Enamel and Black Diamond

mobile: +6016 2668 066 (Jane) & +6012 2446 286 (Chin)
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