Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Secret Mission Has Been Accomplished - Final Episode

Did I mentioned that this project is solely handmade? Since it is so, all the credits should go to Chin. I was busy on some engraving projects with tight deadline. And client's husband suppose to be back a week later, and the ring should be the "spotlight" of the their 13th anniversary. Chin decided to skip the CAD drafting part and strait to production. I was quite worry on the measurement of the pointed design. Cause everything must be match back to the original design. Client left the ring for a two days and we only managed to jot down the dimension. 
However, Chin just did it! The rings are perfectly match. Lady's design maintain to be feminine and the Man's has metaphor to "masculine". 

Thanks for this loving couple for giving me permission to post their picture. May God blessed the marriage and their two handsome sons.

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