Saturday, August 14, 2010

Door Gift - Mother of Pearl with Stamping Brass Plate Inlayed

The pendent original logo pattern was hand engraved and blacken a bit with black ink. (The ink even smear around the engrave logo :( ) When it comes to hand engrave the person who handle the engraver must be very skillful or you will get amateur results. Chin has this sparkling idea of metal inlay which make the mother of pearl more presentable. He calculated the whole cost and client agree to pay slight higher for better results.

The brass stamping mold is best option for small production which the cost is much more lower compare to EDM mold. In fact, when producing steel stamping mold the quantity of production has to be high. And when it is use for minor production, then I will say the mold is under utilized.

We have tried two type of metal i.e. brass and pure silver as inlay. Both designs present different color matching but both looks great. At the end of the day, client picks the pure silver stamping plate. 

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