Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emboss Blue Sapphire Ring

Material : Palladium Silver
Stone: Blue Sapphire
Design: Emboss Ring
Finishing: Satin Finish
Font : Vivaldi

This is her simple and clear design description: " My idea rings are comfort fit with round inner design, around 1.5mm thick, 5-6 mm width with gradually narrower and a bit thinner at the bottom, emboss our respective name with a blue sapphire (S@Wai;  P@Yee; @= blue sapphire). I personally prefer "Vivaldi" font." 

 Who says you need to sketch like an artist to design? (Please eat your words :P)

She likes to make beautiful things especially with little hands skills. She created real cute socks toys and now desired to have something unique for her marriage. She is from Perak and our discussions has to make via email. Everything was clear but the ring sizes.(Yeah! I must face this and find a total solution then.)  Finally we have to meet to reconfirm on their rings sizes, that was the time when the groom was back from overseas.

This design is inspired by the Princess Ring, With her very own though on the design and the wise choice on the font, it create another unique design. The blue sapphire is from her own collection. The fine matte satin finishing match with the blue reflection of the sapphire creates a splendid ring design.

There were some customers asking me not to post their rings to the this blog. I will agree when the design is an origin idea. That means the design do not inspired/copy from others. I have got a project with design originality. She had provide a rough sketch of the design and verbal descriptions on the details. That very unique ring is for a sister's wedding gift. We spent 6 months from sketch to CAD then physical ring and the final finishing. The process was rewarding one, cause I have experience the effectiveness of communication to convert the idea from illusion to realistic. I did not have the chance to take a picture of the ring, and I am regret now cause I MISS IT :(. (Just like after delivery and did't see the baby since then, sign!) For her ring, I will not post the design unless she agrees.

For this project, I will say "Sharing Is Caring" (a phrase I have learn from another client). The posting of a new custom made design inspired other to create and this will blossom the design pool.

Wanna own something like this? 

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