Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Three Tones Braided Wedding Rings

Confirmed rings design before going to production

awesome pair

HIS ring

HER ring

“Love was a feeling completely bound up with color, like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other.” 
― Paulo Coelho

This assignment was recommend by a diamond supplier from Singapore (still have no idea who the person is :P) The bride - a very soft spoken young lady, went around Malaysia and Singapore to look for a capable goldsmith to take up this task. A three tones 18K gold rings (i.e. yellow, rose and white gold) with 76 pieces of 1.25 mm diamonds to be deliver in 3 weeks time. Nobody dare to take up the challenge due to lots of testing has to be done especially the three tones braided part and so many uncertainty in the production flow. 

Ok.....the design is something we always wanted to try on, plus we can imagine how beautiful the rings are going to be. These tempting facts make us just can't resist the challenges. 

My part is art work presentation, I took 2 days and nights to think and try on the weaving effect so it looks like hand braid. At the beginning, the HER ring is plain. Then she decided to add diamonds onto it to enhance it elegant.  And she is right, the micro pave diamond setting really create an awesome effect!

After art work confirmation, Chin start do some testing on the braid using silver cords. He did a few attempts before reaching a consistent and tide braid. Then worked on actual material - yellow, rose and white gold. The time is getting short! We were in tense when the cords broke during the braiding process - I meant a few times! (Due to too thin) Chin have to re-mill the gold cords then repeat the whole process again.  OMG!  

But still we manage to make it. Finally, the beautiful three colour gold cord were tide together in harmony. :D

The third challenge is the diamond selecting process. To match their budget, we try to look for the par rate diamonds. But they are too small (1 mm size - like dandruff??), too cloudy and yellowish in colour. Then we decide to choose the 1.25 mm diamonds with quality we can accept.  We make some adjustment on the diamond quantity but the cost is still within their budget.

Chin take almost 2 days just to set the diamonds. I told the ring owner, Chin make the rings with sweats and tears, plus his eyes were so stress and sore that he can feel they tend to fall off.  She just laughed :) The happy ending is the rings owner like them. She said they look even more beautiful compare to the picture - INDEED!

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