Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Inspired By Lord of The Ring?

Very sweet idea from the bride. She wanted his ring to be her name engrave on top and his name beneath. Her ring will be vice verse. I am quite happy with my Rolland this time, everything run smooth. The engrave pits was well behave and the casting part leave no headache. I post it on my FB and some feedback saying that they looks like rings from the movie "Lord of the Ring". I think it is because of the structure and the font look a bit similar. Anyway, it is my favorite movie and at least I got something related to it. :)
To make full use of the exiting mold, I have suggested a different material for them i.e. silver which cost extra RM 150 per pair. To serve happy customers is always a win, win and win situation.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Association Gift : Engraved Wood Medal

This task can never be done without my Roland MDX15.( My pity machine...) Nobody in KL willing to take up this job, cause too little quantity for a custom made product. They ordered about 1500 piece with about 12 design. We gone through a few factories that provide laser engrave and cnc engrave, they have quote at least RM5 per piece plus the outcome was not as good. Finally, my cnc machine have to work day and night to complete the 1500 pieces of wood engrave. After that, the wood sawing and finishing took place. This take us three weeks to finish.(On and off)

Hand Writing 18K Gold Wedding Rings

This is a superb idea from a charming young lady. Hand writing rings design, how unique it is. The verses are from bible that God want every man and women to always remember and practice. The will be the best way to keep in mind, a dairy wearer ring. The writing was written with a pointed head marker, then he wrote for her: :"Submit, as to Christ." In return she wrote: "Love as Christ loves."

Bespoke Wedding Rings

I have always like to learn from every deal especially the communicating with client part, which lots of people see it as tedious. This nice couple came to me direct without shop around to comparing price. They have a picture with the ring design they love of. I have quoted them RM150 per ring for design, mold and workmanship fees. To be frank, I did under quote when compare to current Malaysia market just a ring with simple design will starts from RM300 onward.( Base on Little India Retails' price)

I planned to try outsource the rapid prototype production from a friend from China. She has offered us a great price for RP substrates. In Malaysia, the per gram price can easily go to RM 70. This means a normal ring will cost about RM 250 per piece just for the RP mold. If this business deal works, the only limitation of my jewelry design is my imagination. I truly truly hope this business with her does work. .....

Unfortunately, the ring broke (as well as my heart) into pieces during the delivery. When this outsource thing doesn't turn out right, then I have to make my MDX15 to do rest of the job. As such, the outcome of the physical ring will not be 100% similar to the artwork. I would say the similarity reach 80%.

Client finally agreed on RM300 per piece for the design mold and workmanship. Hopefully, the RP service center will succeed in Malaysia, then the dream of having custom made jewelry with fine finishing and reasonable price will come true.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Splint Jewelry

This splint is custom made for medication purpose. My client has rheumatoid arthritis which the splint is design this way to prevent them to bend backward. She shared a very interesting info about pure gold can cure the disease. As such we inlaid a thin layer of 99.999% gold underneath and make a basic structure of the ring. After that, Chin made all the necessary adjustment until the rings sit comfortably on her fingers. She ordered four pieces of splint and a buddy ring. This deal took three meeting to complete and we are glad that she is happy with the results.

Wedding Ring- Celtic Trinity Design

This customer is from Sabah, the longest distant communication ever. The whole communication was through phone and email. He provide me with the rings measurement and a photo of the design. I have quote two material as well as the artworks before getting his approval. Then the deal got stuck a bit due to my delivery of Dawn and something just happen that she need to stay in NICU for about a week in Hospital Selayang. I really appreciate his consideration.
The photo of the finished rings was email to him before the delivery. Of cause clearance of balance must be done before posting. There is one problem that still yet to be solve, which is the ring are too small for them due to the measurement was not accurate. From this case, I will have to insist the customers to go to their local jewelry retailers to confirm the measurement prior making order from me.

Custom Made Crown Pendant

Monday, June 22, 2009

My first love....

My 1st design project which kicks-starts my jewelry designing journey. It took me about a week to complete included the research and meditating process. I like the fur pattern of the tiger very much which create a excellent texture. I may want to try on applying black enamel on it which make it more like the color of tiger. This ring is currently sell well amongst Indian customers in Masjid India, KL. The details of the ring got lots of details need to be improve, anyway nobody first love is prefect.....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why-Custom Made Furnace?

This my husband's babe. Took around a month plus to complete, two weeks delayed . That was during Chinese New Year and almost all the suppliers gone for long CNY holidays. Anyway customer don't mind waiting, as long as the furnace is well build.

Why- Jewelry Custom made and even furnace custom made?

Coz... little Chin and little Jane got a dream, they want to set up a play ground for people really have passion in creating things from "sketch" - Hey, you really sketch using CAD software and asking computer to do all the printing. To set up such playground for aged 5 to 80 is impossible since arts and craft tools worth a few time higher in Malaysia compare to developed country i.e. US. So we go back to fundamental i.e. sourcing for lowest cost of materials, we also try to create our own tools and the most important part is the furnace/kiln that "cook" the material. Heating is a vital part in making things, no matter what "ingredient" using i.e gold, silver, brass, ceramic, glass and even wood. This little dream of Chin and Jane need lot of works to be done... 4 years of R&D... core people is on.... technical know how is on......... so why are they still waiting?

Will their dream come true?.....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cliff and Mikie

This is my first jewelry project that make use of Rolland MDX-15 to engrave on wax to create the molds. The results was not as good as I have expected. I did not realize the taper effect create by the engraving knife until whole mold is finished craved. The rings surface had been thinned to a spoiled original Celtic design. Besides that wax substrates become sticky and clot in between the small gaps of the design. I have done both side engraving and try to solve the taper effect but still can't get the exact engrave point when the mold was flip over. At last I decide to use a really sharp engrave knife and engrave maximum depth of 15mm. It gives a better results. As conclusion, I prefer to use modeling board to run on such patterns mold.
Thanks to Cliff and Mikie, to let me have these photos posted. It is great to see some old jobs, just like seeing old friends.
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