Monday, October 7, 2013

From A to Z in less then 19 hours - Custom Made Record Breaking Time

Puzzled Heart Shape LORT rings design

the secret love message

Material: Platinum Silver
Stone: Micro Pave Setting Cubic Zirconia

Material: Platinum Silver
Stone: Micro Pave Setting Cubic Zirconia
Got the call from soft spoken lady on Tuesday (1st Oct 2013) afternoon. She was so excited to found us (after searching around local jewellery retailer but non willing to accept this task) to custom made her 13th Anniversary rings which suppose to be deliver on Thursday (3rd Oct 2013) night. They have a morning flight to catch on the next day. Meaning to deliver a custom made rings in less then 2 days. To be more precise, the total time we have after minus out dairy routine like sleeping time (definitely steal the time from this part), meals time, cleaning time and not to mention we have another bulk project that suppose to be deliver on the 7th Oct 2013.

This suppose to be a surprise to her husband, but it ends up meeting this adorable couple (I seldom seldom use this description on people in 40s). They came to confirm order on Tuesday night. They want something very one-n-only with puzzle heart shape mixture of LOTR concept. The very unique font tells a secret love message. I joke a bit -  because of the rings they will have to learn a new language.  After everything is finalized, then Me started work from 11 pm to 3 am. After that my CNC machine continue working for another 9 hours until the 12 pm. At the same time, we worked very hard on the other also "very urgent" project.

But the good thing to share is this is our very primitive dream - to deliver a custom made jewellery like a vending machine. Just click and pop...waalaa you got your custom made rings wedding rings in just a few second. No more worries on last minutes gifts. To think positive, we have at least started a very first step of a long journey...

During the delivery night, the cutie couple just love their "babies" who were born in two days. We are truly glad we manage to contribute in perfecting their plan of 13th Anniversary.  The husband just making joke saying that he was expecting Me and Chin to have toothpick or salophen tape to support our eyelids. 
Ok.. I know he likes Mr Bean :)

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