Thursday, July 15, 2010

Her very precious - Claddagh Celtic Ring

 Today,  I sms her the first thing in the morning to check on whether she is find with Palladium silver. The answer is wonderful - so from  now onwards she can have more option of jewelry design with affordable price. No  more strictly 916 gold jewelry :O

 The first email was sent during Chinese New year, so it is about 4 months plus gathering total of 4o over ding-dong mails. She is a real busy OL.

 I like her character, a very passionate young lady with very great interest in Claddagh Celtic ring. She shared her experience with us on getting the similar ring via internet, but the ring design was different. It came without the weaving part, only hands holding heart. That wasn't a good experience, cause the weaving trully enhance the beauty of the whole Claddagh design. Something really missing here....

 At first she wasn't very confident on the material -Palladium Silver, cause her skin is ultra sensitive. I can say a "Fleshy Low Quality Metal Detection Machine". Her sensitivity occur even within a few hours of carrying the jewelry.

 All we can promise is to replace her with a new ring with 916 gold without charging workmanship. Anyway, this project provide a positive result on "Sensitive Resistant". However, need longer time to reconfirm if she is really ok with palladium silver.

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