Friday, July 2, 2010

18K White Gold Ambigram Wedding Rings

 This is the project that make me decide to improve more on communication part. The couple came all the way from Penang with their very unique Ambigram ring design (two names in a single pattern- in which each name can be read in the other way round.) . The groom did the clip-art. Without any experience in computer graphic and using the most primitive software i.e. Paint - I admire his spirit of giving the best to his bride.  I really like the whole idea of the rings, the repeating mirror pattern of the flora create a heart shape design. Before meeting,  we discuss everything via Facebook and email. The design was confirm at the first place and quote was based on that.

 However, I had present a few artworks but didn't come into agreement. Then finally they have decided on another flora pattern which is more simple and elegant one. To be frank, the jobs involved is many times extra then what I have charge. That's why, the thing I have learnt from this project is to make a very clear cut on the charges and works that I am going to involve.

 So to materialist your creativity, the design is firm and final - design, mold and workmanship cost is from RM 150 to RM 2000. For each minor design changes for the art work presentation - RM 50 onwards.

 To create personalized jewelry design (from scratch) - Conceptual design RM 1800 onwards for simple design. And RM 3500 onwards for complicated design. I will present three different designs for clients to pick one. The final design can be amend until satisfaction.  The charges is to cover the cost of time and thinking involve. 

This is the first and the last time Chin is going to cast 18K white gold. He tried three times, until the casting turn perfect. We have deep consideration on the material, and decide to replace it with Palladium silver. In fact, Palladium silver has the similar reflection of 18K white gold but save the plating process and also the cost is 10 times less.

15/10/2014 Update: We accept 18K white gold assignment now, all the problems is solved :) And there are more option for this material i.e.: 18K Rose Gold and 18K Yellow Gold

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