Saturday, April 3, 2010

18K Rose Gold Semi-precious Stone Tiara

 This was year 2003 project when I was the apprentice in a gold manufacturer - the main supplier for India style jewelry of Little India. Chin was doing some research then and also took whatever opportunity to test his gold-smithing skills.

I was give total 87 pieces of Amethyst, Citrine and Aquamarine as a based jewels and the rest of the stones were 250 pieces of Signity Cubic Zircon. I was sooo excited about this project and design with all my heart.(As I can remember, the way I positioned the stones was like taking care of a baby - gently on the plasticine and repeating checking to make sure the beauty of them were maximized ) The CZ were 350 to 400 pieces. Sign! I wanted CZ to be fulled in every space but due to their budget, the design had to be tolerate and the amount of CZ was cut into half at least. (This is the big disaster of a designer - design has to be alter not because of the beauty but the cost :S)

Total 18K Rose gold weight: 350 gram

2003 Tiara market value: RM 100K

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