Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is so great about JewelCad?

Why JewelCad? I have meet a few local Jewelry Designers who use JewelCad as their designing tools and most of them give positive respond. Initially, I disagree with them. The JewelCad user interface display present complicated lines and wires frame which make me really headache. However, once I have get use to it then miracle of the software starts to review. JewelCad works as intuitive as pen in my hand. I really admire its UV Mapping and Project Mapping function which I can do wonders with them. They also works very well on applying patterns and textures on designs. Not to forget its control point(CV) editing function which is a powerful tool for inorganic or abstract structure. In fact, JewelCad was exclusively design to serves jewelry designer in order to minimize communication break down with customers. I have the experience of drafting a snake sculpture pendant which took me a month to communicate with client via email and phone. We will never make into conclusion without JewelCad photo rendering function. If I am not mistaken, I have summited at least five copies of drawing before he agreed. You never know how its feel when he finally nod his head. Should I said like the baby head coming out during delivery...
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