Monday, March 9, 2009

Understanding MOI

I take up MOI (Moment of Inspiration)as a starting point towards the world of CAD 3 years ago. The clean and simple user interface of MOI (pronounce "moo-eye" sounds like mother's love in Chinese) short-cut my CAD learning path. I really enjoy creating something 3D in just a few simple steps. I manage do simple name or pattern engraving which sent direct to .stl file for machining. It was a fun experience because directing a machine to work according to your way with excellent precision and 100% perfect outcome is just like a dream come true. The picture on the left is MOI unique logo. I really admire Michael Gibson the founder/programmer of the software who actually spend 4 years to program MOI all on his own cost and he did an excellent job. I gained a lot form his forum especially the knowledge of CAD. He is the CAD expert that teach in a simple way. I think this is the main criteria to become a good teacher/tutor/coach. He is also the programmer of Rhinoceros CAD which is the top selling NURBS CAD. I really admire his passion on CAD.

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