Monday, March 22, 2010

Palladium Silver Diamond Emboss Ring

This is the most mysterious client I have ever came across. We never meet, and only communicate via sms and email. Who say need to see face to face to solve doubts?

This is also the fastest deal ever, he paid the down payment in the morning and artwork was present to him in the afternoon and design confirmation only one hour later. However, this is yet to be deliver. Cause he is asking for whole ring to be shinning. But this does not looks good due the contrast is not there.

Chin has created this texture with a fiber glass brush( Matte Finishing). As such, the eye focus will drop on the emboss character and the diamond. And clients agreed on that, but he is looking for a softer or finer matte finishing (which can be easily ruin by a minor knock) We are still working on the right texture in his mind.

So another story to be continue....

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  1. Nooo, ur girlfriend's ring :>

  2. what is the price for this ring. If its affordable i also would like to have mine made by u...

  3. Similar design with same material the cost is RM 700.


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