Friday, August 5, 2011

The More We Get Together

Left foot belongs to HIM and right belongs to HER

inspiration make new design infinite
Meet this lovely couple early this year, presenting very unique ring design - engraved with feet print. I love the concept and suggested them to scan and put their own foot print on instead. They loved the idea. 
The scanning process was easy until the computer touching process. I struggled a lot on deciding the foot print shape. (Decision is always the tough part of design, Always Does!) The ring structure and the finishing type (we call this jewelry make-up) was also an uncertainty. 
Finally I did a few concept designs during the art work presentation i.e. round and flat ring structure, normal and blacken foot print, and finally with or without stones. 
At the end, she made the final decision of flat ring structure, blacken foot print and CZ stones setting. The end result was beyond her expectation. She loves it! Me too! 
Apparently, this is a cute and unique pieces of wedding band. Looking into depth, it means no matter What, When, Who, Where and How, they are committed to "walk together".

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