Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Zero to Hero - Exquisite Flora Necklace

5-pick-1 designs, and they have decided on the last one

customers' confirm on the necklace structure

swallow loop shape

Final Conceptual design - CAD illustration
Hidden Chinese name with embossed design

the 'VERY' hero
blacken piercing background to enhance the contrast effect
natural flora texture created by the rough modeling board 

I thought I will never be back due to the internet connection problem at TTDI - especially my particular unit. Thank God! Things are getting more organized now. ^L^

Can't wait to share this designing experience. Customer is from Singapore. This is a surprise birthday present from friends. They want something very unique that can be deliver within a month. And finally, they decided to make a necklace with her Chinese name on it.

The emboss design capture their attention. This is where the whole design concept grows.

When taking up this project, we were just shifted to TTDI. The drafting works were done on my boxes of stuffs.(What a memorable experience!) I really worry if this can be complete on time. But worry lead to nowhere, actions speaks!

There was a hiccup point on design idea which cause a few sleepless nights. But I am truly glad to see the results that yield from so many people. 

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