Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amber Rescue - Milky Yellow Amber Dangling Earring

the "Lego"

beautiful amber enhanced by piercing design claps

material: palladium silver

the claps covered the broken parts of the amber

earrings on it owner

This project is for my aunt. When she past the amber, it has quite big broken holes. That was less then a week before she fly back. The amber were originally from her necklace and it was broken at the joining claps. She prefer them to be seen then keeping in the jewelry box. The color of the amber is very vivid and with the fantastic mixing texture of milky yellow and transparent white. Chin tools three days (on & off) to make it. Everything is handmade. 
I were quite worry on the length of the earrings but not until she wore it.  The moment she put on the earrings then I realized the instant different. Her face shined. And ELEGANT pops out.

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