Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bespoke Wedding Rings

I have always like to learn from every deal especially the communicating with client part, which lots of people see it as tedious. This nice couple came to me direct without shop around to comparing price. They have a picture with the ring design they love of. I have quoted them RM150 per ring for design, mold and workmanship fees. To be frank, I did under quote when compare to current Malaysia market just a ring with simple design will starts from RM300 onward.( Base on Little India Retails' price)

I planned to try outsource the rapid prototype production from a friend from China. She has offered us a great price for RP substrates. In Malaysia, the per gram price can easily go to RM 70. This means a normal ring will cost about RM 250 per piece just for the RP mold. If this business deal works, the only limitation of my jewelry design is my imagination. I truly truly hope this business with her does work. .....

Unfortunately, the ring broke (as well as my heart) into pieces during the delivery. When this outsource thing doesn't turn out right, then I have to make my MDX15 to do rest of the job. As such, the outcome of the physical ring will not be 100% similar to the artwork. I would say the similarity reach 80%.

Client finally agreed on RM300 per piece for the design mold and workmanship. Hopefully, the RP service center will succeed in Malaysia, then the dream of having custom made jewelry with fine finishing and reasonable price will come true.


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