Friday, January 4, 2013

Priceless Gift From A Mama

Mama's Design

3D Artwork

the separated parts before reunion
Mama priceless gift for birthday and Christmas
Since taking this tough course titled : "How to take care of 3 kids cum work from home without getting mad". I have missed doing something I love since Feb 2012 (to prevent this blog to become weeds garden, I have to do something fast)  - organise my though and try to speak it out!   To answer your question - Yes, my 3rd bb was born in April 2012. Our business was in hibernate condition for 3 months since then. I have no more excuse to continue doing tasks that I love. So let this project break the long silence.

A very old friend of mine, a simple person that always has the fine hand making little crafts and delicious bakery (YUM YUM!). She was very indecisive when making decision on gift for her lovely daughter. Until one day she sent me the sketch of her own design. What else can be more unique then that. a perfect life long keepsake for her sweetie.

The pendent is made of 750/18K gold (a strongest material among gold carat) but the chain is 916/22k gold. Not our original plan of 18K gold. Just realise that Malaysia market supply expensive 18K/750 gold jewelry i.e. about RM 350/gram. Which is much more higher compare to 22K/916 gold i.e. RM 195/gram. No doubt the cost of producing 18k/750 gold is higher especially  in terms of tooling cost, but a mass production chain with such high cost is still too much. 

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