Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Suasa" & Palladium Silver Puzzle Rings

Did I say I love my job? If yes, then I would like to repeat that again. Especially when delivering to the client and observing their facial expression, what a reward!
This puzzle ring got no other choice besides handmade and the time was short (As usual...).
Did I say I admire my husband-Chin, especially his working attitude. I have got 100% confident on him when some challenging project need with deadline. He worked with tears and sweat for three days to complete.This is his first time on handling "Suasa" (he pronounce it as susah) - 14K Yellow Gold.
This is a young Malay lady's wedding gift to her future husband. She planed to split the gift into two. The 1st ring will be given out during the engagement ceremony and the 2nd one will be on the wedding day. The original design of the ring cost about USD 4250 but she got a custom made one with the special "F" font attached that cost only RM1800.
The photo was taken in the night,(the night before the engagement ceremony ) and the colors of "suasa" appears to be darker. The actual color looks perfect similar to 18K yellow gold.
This is another miles stone in jewelry making for both of us namely : new material testing and new design making i.e. puzzle ring.

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  1. hi, im rubi, im so interested with ur puzzle ring. is it limited for others,if i want the similar with


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