Tuesday, February 3, 2009

18K Yellow Gold Tous Inspired Engagement Rings

This is another project custom made to a cheerful couple from Sabah and Sarawak. They have spend time to go around malls and jewelry outlet to look for their "very precious" but with zero results. At last, they manage to contact me via web. We meet at my home office, and the discussion was an easy one because they have bought some rings as sample. We manage to deliver within two weeks time just few days before they they fly back to East Malaysia. They also brought same design rings with different material i.e. pure silver. The silver rings was delivered to them the night before their flight. That was such pleasant experience as we have meet another new friends.


  1. How much will this cost?
    Does it include the gold?
    What about if require a diamond?

  2. The design and mold fees itself cost about RM 550.00 per pair. The 18K gold price on the delivery date was RM 87/gram, so RM 87 x 11.35 gram(for a pair)= RM 987.00. Total RM 1537.00.
    If you plan to set diamonds, the workmanship will depend on the size and quality of the diamond.

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