Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Symbols In Bronze

Purposely blacken the bronze to create rustic gold finishing
This is a set of jewellery project assign by a student who is still studying in US. He plans to make a whole sets of custom made bag and jewellery as their anniversary gift as well as her graduation surprise. He contacted me with at least six 2D art works files and asking for quote. The first thing come into my mind is - Is this another competitor who is trying to spy on our price again? Feel sorry for him cause he did a few approaches until I decide to take his case seriously.  Finally he prove he is sincere by placing 50% down payment for the whole projects.

We meet at DBKL library and have some dimension discussions. Initially, we were not quite sure of the earring length.When he show me her picture, then I am sure she is fine with any length cause she has a perfect heart shape couture face feature.

This is Chin's first attempt on doing brass/bronze jewellery. (Previously, he did in silver then cast into brass/bronze) The biggest "GL" key chain with 3mm thickness, consume at least 3 of his saw plates. He have to replace two of his files before smoothing the rough edges. In short, brass/bronze is hard that cause high tooling cost. Another challenge of this project is to create the rustic gold colour effect. The original brass/bronze is like 18k yellow gold. Chin tried a few times to test on fire and solvent before getting similar rustic effect.

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