Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not Feeling Alone Anymore

All the while, my blog was quite. Not much respond getting from followers or customers. I assume they will respond if they feel so. In fact my customers are shy person. That day I have decide to ask them to give brief review on our service and product. I was not quite sure is it proper. (I am as shy as they)

Anyway, just like loving someone (parents/husband n wife/lovers/ children), you must at least let them know or tell them your need. In terms of action - kissing/ hugging/ eye contact, or in written mode-love letter. A little bit of effort and time make huge different. As such, I take the 1st action to ask.

I should have requesting customers' testimonial earlier, when read from their thought Chin & Jane felt great motivated. We are indeed not lonely anymore. 

Thanks all for you sincere review!

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