Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arabic Letter Engraved On Turquoise Palladium Silver Ring

Those words are engraved allover the walls of 
Alhambra palace in Andalucia,  Spain.

They were the slogan of some Arab royal family 
who immigrated from Arabia to spain and built 
the Alhambra Palace there. 
(ولا غالبَ إلا الله)

The final ring conceptual design
Detail design description from a guest from the other side of the world (United State):

"Let me first write it in Latin letters: wa la ghaliba ella Allah. 

all the the words / letters are easy to pronounce except for (غالب  ghalib) , the first letter from the right in the  word written in Arabic letters (غالب) or first two letters in the word written in Latin letters (ghalib) should be  pronounced as a French (R). As i explained to you previously those words were the slogan used by an Arab royal family in Southern in the Spanish region of  Andalucia ( from Arabic Alandaluce.) this royal family wasn't the greatest Arab royal family in Spain and Portugal at all, in fact , they were so weak. their greatest achievement was building the famous Alhambara palace ( the original Arabic name is Alhamra so there is no B)  ولاغالب إلا الله.  could be translated to : No victor but God. God (no one else but God ) will always have the upper hand. 

Those words could be used to praise God or to ask Him for help since He is the one who has the upper hand but it could also be used for non religious purposes such as: to say to your self or to others (when wining or gaining something) that you should not be full of it be humble and remember that you won just because God allowed you to and He could make you lose next time. it could be also used to say to yourself or to others not to feel so sad and devastated when you lose something because what happened to was God's will and He will reward you later for accepting His will in war time it's used to say to the enemies: God ,who is the only real victor , is on our side (therefore you have no hope, you will lose not matter how powerful you are)

When the catholics took over Spain and Portugal they were heavily influenced by the Arab/ Muslim culture and one of the things they fell in love with was having Arabic slogans, poem and even verses from the Quran engraved on the walls of their palaces just like the Arabs did in Spain and Portugal.  ولاغالب إلا الله. was engraved or written on the walls of a few palaces that belonged to catholics in Spain because they thought that those words give power, wealth and luck. "

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