Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weaving Wedding Ring

This friendly couple drove from Singapore that morning with their sister, so I call them three musketeers.  When they arrived KL, the weather was real hot and they were caught in Sungai Besi toll traffic jam (No surprise). Our meeting was delayed for about an hour. Finally they manage to find my place, and four of us squeezed in my small and pretty warm studio. (the poor air-con seems like non-stop working yet can't beat the heat :< ) They have very clear description on the design and that really helps me to get a firm idea on the designs.  The discussion took about an hour, then only I realized they plan to drive back to Singapore after that. I appreciate their "semangat" (or rather I say "semangat berkorbar-korbar") to get their perfect pieces. 

The man ring was machine made and the lady's is handmade. This is the first weaving project for Chin, he has tested the weaving technique using brass and silver. He turn to 18K white gold after a few try. I do the mold part for man ring. My experience from this project is to think and meditate before start drafting. That really safe lots of time of correcting mistakes.

Delivery: Meet up in JB. (My family is at Johor, so I am that glad this is a good for both of us)

I would like to thanks them of giving me permission to post their photo. :)

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