Monday, June 21, 2010

A Gift from God

She is my daughter-Lizzie, 5years-old. She is a marvelous gift from God. We start our R & D when she was six months old in my tummy. The whole journey of our career and taking care of her, gives an unforgettable memories in my life. She make me become a down to earth human being, learnt to love and to be love. Yes,  the way God loves. She remind me of gaining back "things" that I have lost - the pure heart, the sensitivity,  the peaceful mind and the clear instinct. 
I enjoy every moment I have with her.(Especially the first six years of the child.) We love to communicate and talk with sincere heart. There will be no secret in life, nothing she won't understand. Just the way of explaining. I think this is the vital part to prepare her to the realistic world. 
To live with kids, is to lead a simple but fruitful life.

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