Monday, April 5, 2010

916 Gold Gloves

 This is another project that took three months to complete in year 2004.The client came with a bunch of old gold jewelries and I still can remember his wife sweet smile. She gave a brief description on the design: The red rose should rest on top of each hand that attached to bracelets with her whole name indicate on them.

The design sketches were presented within two weeks. She had chosen the third design but she liked to have the glove to be flooded with stones. We charged according to the total stone set so the workmanship cost will be sky high. The final design is done on the basic of art KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid)

Total stones: >2000 pieces  (Corumdun Ruby, Saphire, Peridot & Cubic Zirconia)

916 gold weight : 280 gram

2004 market value : RM 200K

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