Saturday, December 24, 2011

We finally did it - Wood Ring Project!

the raw wood before treatment

Two tone jewelry really looks wonderful

the wood natural grain enhance the beauty of the ring
All the while I think wood should be pair with metal to enhance its grain beauty as well as to make it more elegant. We were planning to make something out from wood only the matter of time. Finally there came this  lovely lady same "taste" as us who want to make the special wedding for her future husband.
I personally prefer Ebony wood but the colour is to dark for the customer.
So Chin went to source for different local hard wood and finally settle with "Chengal". This is a kind of wood with rich resin which means more "tahan lasak" to water. We did some treatment on the wood before going for setting. Chin broke 3 pieces of wood rings before succeed. To enhance the wood grain texture, we applied some wax on it. The wax will also act as a protector to the wood.

Source from Malaysian Timber Council

Why Chengal hard wood ?
Chengal wood is one of the hardest wood found in Malaysia. It comes with densities of 800 to 1,120 kg per cubic metre at 15%, moisture content. It is naturally durable, containing substances which repel wood-destroying agents. It can safely be used without preservative treatment in all climates. Main uses are in heavy construction and flooring, railway sleepers, door and window frames.
On top of that, every piece of Chengal Wood Carving retain the value over the years, because  it is a piece of art work, not just a piece of wood.

simple wood ring sets with palladium silver

beautiful two tone colour design

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