Saturday, April 9, 2011

Celtic Knots Wedding Bands

CAD art works

lovely matching wedding bands

the rings even match the embroidery of her tops

the weaving knots

Material: Palladium Silver
My favorite Celtic wedding ring is the Celtic Knot. The rugged twists and turns of the Celtic knot symbolize the unending love that binds two people together in marriage, and are thought to symbolize the interconnectedness through life. 
In fact this is one of my favorite project. Ample of time to plan and execute, the rings were deliver half a year later. Thanks to this couple - both artists, have full trust in us. Never call until the last month and the timing was just right. 
I took about two weeks to plan (on and off) for CAD drafting. When seeing the knots go, feel just like playing a game. Knowing the restriction of the CNC machine, plus making sure the Celtic knot proportion is right, then have to calculate the total repeat pattern to be fit into their rings sizes. 
At first glance, I though the man ring is more difficult to do but most of the time, I was struggle with the lady's simple knot design. The man's ring was blacken underneath, which highlighted the complicated knots texture. 
Her wedding band is perfectly match to the engagement ring. (as you can see from the pictures) The rings picture was taken with her black fine embroiderer blouse and everything just came out right. Their stylemaah....

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