Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heart Knotted Proposal Ring - where two souls united to one

this inspire him
another inspired design

the tiny love plate will hide behind of the finger
the beautiful love knot from front view
My very first experience of participate on the proposal process. I mean, in term of emotional. Lets talk about this charming young pastor who was excited to find us. He got this very unique ring design to be materialized. A heart shape knot on top and the a tiny heart plate to be touch at the opposite site. He wanted it urgently so he can immediately propose after that. Ring delivered on time but the plan was postponed. A week later, I received a text from him, mentioning his executing date of "THE BIG MISSION".   That special date was the last day of CNY i.e. Chinese Valentine Day or Chap Goh Mei. On that particular day, although I was not there to witness but still can imagine the trill moment. Worry cause not knowing the results until the series pictures of proposal were post in FB. He was on his knee while she close her eyes for 3 minutes (somebody say she was praying) before the answer : "YES, I DO".  

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